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 Welcome to the CARE Economic Development Knowledge Resource Center!

This site is the technical resource center for CARE's wide range of Economic Development programming.  It has been built to support CARE staff as well as other practitioners, donors and researchers by consolidating information on CARE's programming across three core areas:

Using the menu to the left, visitors can find: Program Highlights; Announcements; CARE Documents; Project Profiles; and Contact Information for CARE Practitioners. If you have any difficulty navigating the site or finding what you need, you can contact the EDU at

 Market Engagement Spotlight

2012 Market Engagement Learning Event
In early September, CARE staff from around the world gathered in Bangladesh to take part in the inaugural Market Engagement Learning Event. This event brought together nearly 40 CARE staff from 15 different country offices and three CI members. The incredibly successful Strengthening the Dairy Value Chain Project served as a live case study and the event was hands on, with staff getting to go deep into issues and share their own experiences. Be sure to check out the full learning event page under the Events section of the sidebar for all the resources related to the event and project.
Key Resources:
  • An overview of the SDVC project
  • Slideshare presentations delivered at the event
  • Photos from the learning event and SDVC activities
  • Videos cataloging the project's activities and successes

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by Reichwage, Melissa
 4/10/2012 10:19 AM

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The Economic Development Unit held its first ever market engagement learning event in Bangladesh.



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